KNTU Vehicle Donation Program

KNTU is licensed to the University of North Texas and is on the air 24 hours, every day of the year, broadcasting with 100,000 watts at 88.1 FM. The station's format is primarily jazz, but also includes Tejano and classical music programming Saturday and Sunday mornings, respectively. KNTU also offers educational and special interest programs, including news, sports, locally produced information/issues programs, and features.

KNTU's purpose is essentially three-fold:

  • To serve the public interest with news, public affairs, and entertainment programming for the McKinney, Denton, Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • To provide news and information of community interest about the University of North Texas.
  • To provide an industry-standards environment in which students learn about radio broadcasting.
  • We accept all types of vehicles:

How it Works

1. Call us at 844-KNTU-CAR or 844-568-8227

2. We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you!

3. Get a tax deductible receipt and help our cause.

Making a Donation is EASY!

It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator.

If you have any questions just call one of our friendly operators toll-free at 844-KNTU-CAR or 844-568-8227 seven days a week.

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